Louisiana Teacher Certification

Since the United States is running on a federal form of government, each state has its regulations on implementing their development programs. Getting a Louisiana teacher certification is not an exemption to this. If you want to teach in Louisiana in all sorts of educational levels, read on to know the requirements of obtaining a Louisiana teacher certification.Image result for teacher

The state of Louisiana requires teachers to pass the No Child Left Behind Act for all professionals who wish to teach in schools within the area. This mandates that if a licensed teacher aims to teach in Louisiana, she must bring her children to reside in the city. But today, the process of becoming a Louisiana teacher is more rigorous. First, an applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a state-recognized university. Community schools many not be accredited and aspirants should have a minimum of 2.5 average on the undergraduate course. The applicant is also advised to choose the grade level she wishes to teach.
The Praxis test is used to measure the teacher’s knowledge of teaching principles. The Praxis also measures the applicant’s know-how on various subjects as well as efficiency in teaching different grade levels. When undertaking teacher’s training in major universities, you are required to pass the Praxis test before you get the certification.

For out-of-state applicants, it is important that you consider your years of teaching experience. For example, licensed teachers who have four years of experience before her application in Louisiana may not be required to take the Praxis test while those who have four years of teaching must pass the Praxis evaluation and complete the Louisiana advaita vedanta Assistance and Assessment Program before her eligibility to teach within the state.

There is a one-time fee of $50 for applicants and the certification issued is valid for three years. This must be paid in cash as the Louisiana Department of Education does not accept check or any other forms of payment.

If you are a university degree holder, but your undergraduate is not in education, you still have the chance to teach in Louisiana. The alternative to getting a Louisiana teacher certification is to teach in a university outside of the state on a full-time basis while completing required education units. They must also pass the Praxis test specific for the grade level and subject area of your choice.

Being a teacher requires solid effort and endless creativity. In acquiring the certification, you can choose from three different levels. The Level 1 is the standard, and it is valid for three years. The applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, 2.5 minimum average, and a passing mark in Praxis. This type of certification may be renewed only once.

The Level 2 is valid for five years. The teacher must pass the LATAAP and teach for a minimum of three years in their area of expertise. They must also complete 150 units of Continuing Learning Units. The requirements for Level 3 is the same with the Level 2. However, you also have to complete a Master’s degree from a state-accredited university.