what is paleo diet aka Paleolithic Diet?

The Paleolithic Diet, also called the Paleo diet or the caveman diet is sweeping the globe right now and helping many people not only to reach their weight loss goals but also attain their goals for general nutrition and well-being.

Paleo diet reviews reveal the powerful impact this diet is making on the lives of many consumers around the world.The Paleolithic Balanced LifeWhat is the Paleolithic diet? The Paleolithic diet isn’t really what you think of when you think of a “diet.”Paleo Solution

This isn’t a quick fix to your weight problems where you just stop eating carbs or fat for a month or cease eating adequately to attempt to starve your weight off. Instead, the Paleolithic diet is a lifestyle which is designed to support your health not only now, but forever. It doesn’t involve starving yourself, and there’s no specific nutrient which is off limits in the Paleolithic diet meal plan.

This isn’t another no-carbs diet or zero-fat diet; this is just a general plan which encourages the consumption of natural, healthy foods, and discourages the consumption of processed foods or additives. It can easily be merged into your existing lifestyle.By eating and exercising like your distant ancestors, who had to be in great shape to even survive, you can get in great shape yourself.

Unlike other diets which can often actually harm your health, this one will enhance your health. Losing weight on the Paleolithic diet plan is just a positive side effect of the whole process! Not only that, but you won’t gain the weight right back after the diet is over because there is no “over.” This is a way of life, and the changes to your weight, your muscle mass, and your health will be for the long term if you stick with it.

The Paleolithic diet menu is accessible to everyone, because it doesn’t outlaw a lot of foods, and it includes many healthy choices. Do you eat a lot of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and fish? If so, you’re already eating the right foods for Paleolithic nutrition. These are the foods your distant ancestorsFoods On The Paleolithic Dictate. Your ancestors didn’t start eating grain until agriculture was developed, so you’ll be eating less of that on the Paleolithic diet plan. Some dark bread and brown rice now and again are fine though.

There are other “foods” you’ll avoid on the Paleolithic diet menu, but most of these “foods” are food-like substances developed for our industrial society including chemical additives, refined and processed sugars, and high fructose corn syrup.

These additives are toxins; most of them are already known to have negative health impacts, and not all those impacts are fully documented yet since their introduction into society was fairly recent for the most part. It’s well known though that corn syrup and sugar can cause disease and also amplify the symptoms of diseases which are already present.

The Paleolithic Diet and Lifestyle: More Than Just a DietNot only did your earliest ancestors eat healthier foods, but they also led healthier lifestyles in many other ways than most modern people manage to. They spent time outdoors each day, and their work involved some low-level aerobic activity—not a sedentary lifestyle at a desk. Nor did they go out of their way to push themselves to extremes every day in an attempt to lose weight.

They occasionally did a sprint or do the heavy lifting as a matter of survival, but this was enough. They didn’t overexert themselvesFun Moderate Exercise just to try to look thinner or suppress their immune systems by overtaxing their bodies. The Paleolithic lifestyle involves engaging in both low-level and high-level aerobic activities in reasonable moderation.

Moreover, our ancestors took the time to enjoy themselves. Part of the Paleolithic diet lifestyle is to get out in the sun, enjoy games with friends, and involve yourself in creative endeavors which make demands on your mental resources.

This can have a great effect on both your mood and your overall health.If all of this sounds appealing to you, and you’re excited to start learning more about the Paleolithic diet, have a look around the rest of our website.

You’ll learn about Paleolithic breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, Paleolithic diet books, Paleolithic diet criticisms, and Paleolithic diet success stories. The Paleolithic diet is nothing short of living the way that nature designed you to exist. This means that adapting to the lifestyle should be relatively simple and stress-free. You may soon find yourself losing weight, feeling more energetic and refreshed, and getting more out of life.