2017 and Beyond

Essentially we are wrapping up one cycle (the Age of Pisces, the past roughly 2,000 years) and beginning a new cycle (the Age of Aquarius). This is a challenging time for everyone, as the birth process can feel chaotic at times. These aren’t calm seas we’re navigating, but it’s an incredible voyage! It is ok to break out of your comfort zone and call on the great courage to take the risk to try new, healthier ways.

We are letting go of our old false identities, false belief systems, and old ways of behavior that no longer serve a purpose, to be reborn anew, into our shimmering, gleaming essence. This is amazing! We are remembering we are human and divine beings, immortal and multi-dimensional.In the 60’s, Pluto (transformation), and Uranus (awakening) were conjunct, so there were great explosions of rebellion, awakening, and revolution around the world. (The conjunction peaked in ’65/’66, and the effects continued into the early ’70’s.) Now, Pluto and Uranus are squared (there are seven exact squares between 2012 – 2015), so there is a great feeling of internal pressure and upheaval felt on an anindividual level throughout the world.

With the square, this time it is an inner revolution, a rebel uprising, to break free from anything that isn’t working for us. In the 60’s, this was on an external level to bring change to society, this time it is on a personal level, for each person to take a stand for themselves. This isn’t necessarily an easy time, as we are being faced with ourselves. In many ways it is much easier to riot in the streets for change, then it is to tell someone in your personal life to “f— off.”  This is the kind of deep inner strength and  courage we need to call upon, to free ourselves.

It is ok to make waves, to rock the boat. The planet and each of us individually are going through a cleanse. Each of us chose to be here at this time, we are ready for radical change and liberation. Dismantle! Rebel! Rise up!  For anyone who has experienced a Pluto or Uranus transit to your personal chart, you know these transits can be rough, soul-shaking, and feel tumultuous at times (to put it lightly), as we are being asked to let go of anything that isn’t working for us – the job, relationship, belief system, ways of being – we are shedding our old skins to embrace something entirely new.

It is worth experiencing the upheavals to transition to greater wholeness, to grow towards self love. Wondrous and exciting too! If your life feels chaotic and intense, that’s good, it means you’re alive! Everyone else is experiencing major change and upheaval too. You’re not alone, and are fully supported.It is important to forgive ourselves when we slip into old ways of doing things, those ways served a purpose in the past, we can now let them go and travel light.

We can have compassion for ourselves as we learn and grow.Just breathe…just like birth…breathe, push through, and relax… all is well, the Great Mother Goddess is here with us, moving through us, guiding us home to our hearts…as we reclaim our natural Feminine side, we are reborn into Light, and balance is restored to Earth. Listen to your heart of hearts, and do only what feels right to you.

Ultimately it is about relaxing into our bodies, as this is a natural state to be in. The most important lesson of this time is to reclaim your own knowing, your own inner voice. There is a lot out there about this time on the planet – shift from looking outside for answers, pull away from the noise of society, close your eyes, and go within.

Everything you need to know is inside, you have all the answers within you. You are your own authority. Own your power! Our natural instincts are there guiding us, if we just listen. The way to drop into the heart, to open the heart center, is to pay attention to your feelings, from moment to moment – throughout the day – ask yourself, does this feel good, or not good? If something doesn’t feel good, DON’T DO IT – drop it, let it go, whatever it is – this could be a conversation, a person, a job, a negative thought, time online/exposed to the media, a family member/situation, a book, a place of living, a kind of food, etc…

Do only what feels good and natural to you, this smoothes the path. Let any “bad vibe” go right OUT the door. You will feel great! You are fully supported. This is the first step towards loving yourself, to attend to your feelings and act on them. This is how we are returning to the way of Nature.

It’s about staying present to whatever shows up in life, from moment to moment, to reclaim the feelings and feminine side ~  to create more joy in life.  We are all worthy beings and deserve to feel the light. Listen to your body’s messages, your feelings and inner self, take the risk to say no to everything and anything you don’t want – only do what feels nourishing and comfortable, to stay in your light.

This includes all the seemingly small interactions and encounters throughout the day, – it is ok to speak up, to say no, to be loving to yourself. There is a small discomfort in saying no and setting healthy boundaries, but it quickly passes as you feel your heart open and expand.I have been learning this the hard way sometimes, I am committed to listening to my inner voice from now on, and acting on what I know to be true for me. This is the way home to the heart, to the gleaming and glistening of starlight filled with the burning passion for life.peace to all  and check Sani peyarchi 2017 to 2020